What Will Happen in Russian Vs Ukraine?

Russian Vs Ukraine

There are many different factors determining the outcome of Russian Vs Ukraine. While the United States and NATO are funding both sides, it’s unlikely that either nation will be able to prevent a conflict. The western Bloc will likely rally around Ukraine, including France, the United Kingdom and Italy. But so far, that hasn’t happened. Ukraine is on its own, and Putin has warned people not to come to her aid.

While the Russian military may not have the upper hand, it is unlikely that the United States will interfere in the internal affairs of another country. This will put the spotlight on the role of Russian security services in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. While the Kremlin’s role in this situation is unclear, many analysts believe the Russians’ intentions are well-intentioned. The recent Ukrainian elections were shaped by issues such as bread and butter and hopes to end the conflict in Donbas. These issues cut across geographic lines, but they also helped Russian military troops gain influence in the conflict.

Western media often highlights the occupied territories as proof that the Ukrainians are losing. This analysis fails to take into account troop concentrations and quality. It also assumes that the Ukraine’s push to Kyiv was the result of a number of factors. After all, a 40k army isn’t going to be able to take Kyiv – it’s not like the US can take it with a single push.