Where to Find World News

world news

You might have been reading the headlines in your local newspaper and have wondered where to find world news. Today, you can subscribe to several news services, which cover a variety of topics. Some services provide global news and others cover more localized matters. NPR’s coverage of the world’s news is wide-ranging, and you can also find information on international art, science, and technology trends. With so many news sources, you can be sure to find something of interest, no matter where you live in the world.

Globalization has facilitated the growth of news agencies. By the 19th century, newspapers had been established in most countries, and telecommunications had made spreading news worldwide easier. After the invention of the telegraph, news agencies were established, including the AFP in France, Reuters in the United Kingdom, Wolff in Germany, and AP in the US. World news has a wide range of subfields, including war journalism, which is perhaps the most famous. Special envoys from the United States and other countries are sent abroad to cover a specific subject or region.

Foreign correspondents are journalists who report on stories from foreign countries. Typically, these journalists work for a television station or newspaper, but may also be freelance reporters. These reporters report on world events and provide a different perspective on stories that otherwise might be ignored or overlooked. A foreign correspondent works for a television station or newspaper. However, they typically report live stories and are often under a lot of pressure. They must know how to react in a dangerous environment and what to do in case of emergencies.