World News

world news

World news is a term often used to refer to international and foreign coverage. This type of coverage covers events that take place all over the world, and is not just limited to specific countries or topics. For example, world news can focus on the economic status of a developing country or the recent protests in North Korea.

Many news organizations, including newspapers, broadcast networks, and internet sites, use world news as part of their coverage. Many of these organizations purchase articles from major news agencies and distribute them to other news outlets, which then use them in their publications. These articles are delivered in bulk via wire services. While they originally relied on telegraphy, these wire services now use the Internet. Individuals, corporations, intelligence agencies, and analysts often subscribe to wire services.

World News Day is an annual event that showcases journalism with a social impact. A good example is a Portuguese news outlet called Mensagem de Lisboa, which has been publishing professional journalism in Creole language since December 2016. World News Day is a unique opportunity to promote news outlets and promote the power of fact-based journalism.