World News

World News

World news is a branch of journalism that deals with news that is sent by foreign correspondents or by news agencies, or that is gathered or researched through distance communication technologies such as telephone, satellite TV or the Internet. This can include news from a country or a region, a global subject (such as an event occurring in several countries) or news related to the international organizations and governments of a country.

Reporting from abroad – or overseas reporting, as it is also called – is the task of a reporter who travels to a foreign location to cover events, usually in addition to a base in the home country. Correspondents generally maintain contacts with local officials, the local media and other journalists in the area, in order to gather information for their stories.

There are two main types of foreign reporters: full-time correspondents who work for a news organization and special envoys, who are sent abroad to cover a specific subject for a short period of time. The former is typically employed by a newspaper or television station, and the latter is often an independent freelancer.

During the 19th century, innovations in telecommunications made it easier to send news from abroad, and the first news agencies were founded. These included AFP in France, the Associated Press in the United States and Wolff in Germany.

Today, world news is covered by most major newspapers and news channels. Among the most well known are BBC News, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC.

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World news is a complex field that includes all kinds of topics and issues, such as wars, conflicts, diplomacy, trade and politics. There are many subfields within it, including economic statistics, environmental reporting, sports and health, political and religious news, and social and cultural coverage.