World News

world news

World news is the field of journalism that deals with news sent by foreign correspondents or news agencies, or – more recently – information gathered or researched through distance communication technologies such as telephone, satellite TV or the internet. Essentially all of the major international media (like newspapers, radio and television broadcasters) have some kind of global news department or service.

A foreign correspondent is a full-time reporter who reports on events in a country or region of the world, often from the capital city of that country. They regularly file stories to their news editor and stay in touch with local officials, community members and the media in order to gather information for their reporting.

Correspondents may work for a single news outlet, but they may also be sent abroad to cover a specific subject, such as a war, a conference or a special event. These reporters are known as special envoys or overseas correspondents, and their primary responsibility is to cover the news from the perspective of that country.

In addition to full-time reporters, there are stringers who do international news reporting on a part-time basis, producing material for a variety of different news outlets at once. These reporters often have no permanent labor contract with the media they are working for, and can work at their own pace.

The largest foreign news agencies are AFP (France), Reuters (UK) and Wolff (currently DPA, Germany). Other companies also offer news services such as ABC News or AP Worldwide.