World News

World news, also known as international or foreign coverage, is a branch of journalism that deals with news from outside of the country in which it is published. It may be sent by foreign correspondents, news agencies, or gathered from sources abroad through distance communication technologies.

There are two main categories of reporting that cover international events: full-time foreign correspondents and special envoys. Correspondents usually file stories regularly to their news editors, who send them to their home countries and to other news organizations for publication or broadcast.

Those who are not full-time reporters often work as stringers, producing articles for several companies at the same time. They may be paid per article or by the number of articles produced.

A news agency is a company that supplies news reports to other media (usually newspapers, magazines and radio or television stations). They may be called wire services, newswires, or news services.

At its most basic, news agencies provide hard news stories, feature articles, or briefings to other news organizations. They also sell subscriptions to corporations, individuals and analysts who want access to their content.

In recent years, the term “world news” has become a broader field than it once was, covering events in multiple countries and across the globe. For instance, the field has grown beyond wars to include news about global issues such as terrorism and climate change.