World News

World news is a broad category of reporting that covers stories about events occurring outside the borders of a particular country, state or region. It includes reports on international political and military affairs, environmental disasters, humanitarian crises, economic turmoil and other issues of global importance. It also includes coverage of the activities of major multinational organizations, such as the United Nations and NATO.

There are two types of reporters who specialize in world news: foreign correspondents and stringers. A foreign correspondent is a full-time reporter for a newspaper, magazine or other media outlet who covers a specific country or region. A foreign correspondent usually stays in contact with other reporters and journalists on the ground and often files stories based on information from local government officials, community leaders, politicians and members of the public.

SANTIAGO (Reuters) – Chile’s senate approved on Wednesday a long-awaited mining royalty bill, clearing the way for a final vote in the lower house next week.

A major glacier in northwest Greenland appears to be melting faster than previously accounted for, scientists say, raising concerns about the pace of sea level rise.

US President Donald Trump has threatened to veto any legislation that would cut funding for his flagship immigration programme, the wall.

Sudan has suffered three civil wars in its 67 years as an independent nation, and the current conflict between rival generals threatens to turn into another ruinous affair. UNESCO’s World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Development series analyses key trends, providing the macro-level perspective that enables UNESCO Member States, other international organisations, civil society groups and individuals to understand the challenges facing the future of independent journalism around the globe.