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world news

World news is the jargon used in the news media to describe stories that involve international subjects or events. It is also known as foreign news, or sometimes simply foreign coverage. This is an area of journalism that was once dominated by newspapers in Europe, and later the United States, but has since spread to most of the globe through the invention of distance communication technologies such as telegraph and radio.

In 2023, the Notre Dame cathedral rebuilds after fire destroyed it in 2019. Efforts continue to restore its intricate maze of medieval beams and structures. Meanwhile, a tropical storm named Biparjoy could cause damage and loss of life in South Asia. In the jungles of Brazil, a tribe in a remote part of the Amazon is trying to protect its culture and language from outside influences. Millions of China party members are learning the fine points of Xi Jinping Thought as the nation advances its ‘great rejuvenation’.

Cormac McCarthy, the unflinching chronicler of America’s bleak frontiers and grim underbelly, has died at 89. He was a key figure in modern US fiction.

Airstrikes attributed to Israel over Syria’s capital early Wednesday critically wounded one soldier, Syrian state news reported. Landmarks across Seoul are lit in purple as K-pop superstars BTS kick off a two-week tour of the city. The group is a major force behind the ‘bohemian Rhapsody’ trend that has rocked pop culture. In Britain, women convicted of offences related to their sexual orientation are now able to get those convictions wiped off their records.