World News

world news

World news is the reporting of current events that have a global impact. It can include world wars, natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, and international political crises such as conflicts between nations or terrorist attacks. A large portion of the news reported by major newspapers and television networks is world news. World news is usually sourced from local sources, but can also come from a worldwide network of reporters and correspondents. A reporter based overseas (often in the capital of a country) who regularly files stories to a newspaper or television station is known as a correspondent. A correspondent often maintains contacts with officials, community leaders and local media in addition to attending a wide range of events in the city he or she covers.

A world map displaying the latest news from various countries is displayed on screen. A blue globe is used as the background of this image to symbolize the international nature of world politics and news.

The winning images of the Royal Entomological Society Insect Week photographic competition are featured. A photographer’s “passion project” lining up movie and TV scenes where they were shot sparks a career.

The US secretary of state visits China to seek open lines of communication with Beijing but no diplomatic breakthrough is expected. Fighting between Ukrainian and Russian forces continues in eastern Ukraine, as do reports of kidnappings in the south. A new law in Australia requires less dependence on imported gas and electricity. And an American tourist attacks two women on a hiking trail near Neuschwanstein castle in Germany, killing one and wounding the other.