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World news

A newspaper’s coverage of international events is often called “world news.” It may include reporting on politics, wars, or natural disasters that affect the entire planet. This type of news is often reported by a foreign correspondent, who is a journalist based in a city abroad and covers a country or even an entire continent. Correspondents typically gather information from local officials, other members of the community, and the local media, as well as from events they witness. They report their findings back to the news editor of their home paper.

In addition to reporting on the latest world news, some major newspapers also prepare hard news stories that can be sold to other news organizations (originally they were distributed via wire services using telegraphy). These articles are used in place of original stories or as background material for feature stories by local reporters. Individuals, corporations, and intelligence agencies can also subscribe to these news services.

The new images are part of the first tranche released from the Natural History Museum of London’s world-renowned Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest. The winning shots were selected from more than 40,000 entries by photographers from around the world. The pictures showcase everything from a baby elephant in Africa to a polar bear in the Arctic.