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world news

World news (or international or foreign coverage) is a term for the news media’s reporting on events and situations outside of one’s own country, encompassing the entire globe. It is a subfield of journalism and has a long history as an important area for news, particularly after innovations in telecommunications allowed for newspapers to be widely distributed, and early news agencies like AFP (France), Reuters (UK) and Wolff (currently DPA, Germany) were established. The field includes reporting on wars (although that may be considered a special case), and events like multilateral summits.

The tens of thousands of lives that have been upended in the Gaza conflict by Israel and Hamas can be hard to grasp. But inside homes and hospitals, in streets and ambulances, the personal stories of those affected offer a glimpse into the tragedy.

As the conflict between Israel and Hamas escalates, it has become increasingly difficult for residents of Gaza to leave their city. Many families are facing uncertainty as they try to get out, while others are trapped in their homes and businesses.

A powerful 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck western Afghanistan, devastating communities that were already devastated by another strong quake a week earlier. The new temblor has left nearly two dozen people dead and hundreds injured. Reuters’ correspondents on the ground describe the traumatic scene.