World News

World News or international news is the media jargon for any news that involves a country or global subject. In the past, this would have included primarily foreign wars and political events. Today it also includes economic subjects and even more broadly, any news from the outside world that could affect citizens of a country in some way. The term is generally considered to be separate from “national news” or coverage of events involving the domestic government or institutions of a given country.

As the 19th century progressed and innovations in telecommunications such as the telegraph allowed mass communication to become easier, newspapers began to expand their reach beyond their local communities. This led to the establishment of the first news agencies such as AFP (France), Reuters (UK) and Wolff (currently DPA, Germany). These organizations prepare hard news stories that can be used with little or no modification by other news sources, which they then distribute electronically via wire services (originally telegraph and now more often Internet). Governments, private companies, individuals and intelligence agencies may subscribe to these services to receive the news they want to know.

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