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World news is news that covers international affairs or global issues. It is a term used in journalism to describe news sent by foreign correspondents or, more commonly, news gathered and reported through distance communication technologies such as the telephone, radio, and television broadcasts and the Internet. A news agency or a wire service is an organization of journalists established to supply news reports, usually in the form of raw data, to newspaper and magazine editors and radio and television broadcasters. Often, the vast bulk of the material produced by major news agencies contains world news, or foreign news.

In a dramatic end to an already-tumultuous year, President Putin faces one of the most public challenges to his leadership. Meanwhile, Israeli troops push deeper into Gaza and Palestinian hostages remain in Israel’s hands. The White House is in serious negotiations for a cease-fire and hostage swap with the group Hamas. And scientists in Iceland warn that new vents could open, releasing more lava and toxic gases.

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