World News

World News is news about events outside of a nation’s borders. Often it refers to war, politics and diplomacy as well as economic, social and cultural events. Originally world news was reported through wire services, which transmitted articles from abroad using long distance communication technologies like telegraph. These services are now often delivered over the Internet. In general, news organizations report on world news in addition to local and national news.

A newspaper’s world news section may include both hard and soft news stories, and it typically includes a global perspective. In journalism, there is often a distinction between world news and “national” news; however, with the advent of electronic communication and the development of global institutions, this line has blurred.

Often the distinction between international and world news is made by how directly the events affect a nation’s government or its citizens. This is often reflected in the language used: for example, news of a foreign war or a summit of an international organization are usually referred to as world news, while political turmoil within a nation’s borders are generally called national news.

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