World News

World news, also known as international or foreign coverage is a general term for a news story that covers a topic of global interest. This type of reporting includes stories on wars, natural disasters and political upheavals that affect the lives of people in multiple countries or regions. World news has long been a specialty within journalism, as it was one of the first genres covered by newspapers when they began to appear in the 17th century. The precursors to modern newspaper publishing were the courants of West and Central Europe, including the Daily Courant (England), Nieuwe Tijudinger (Antwerp) and the Avisa Relation oder Zeitung (Wolfenbuttel).

At the heart of world news are foreign correspondents who regularly report from the field. These journalists are typically assigned to a specific location, like Paris or Berlin, but they file articles to their news editor from all over the world. Frequently, these reporters are tasked with gathering information from local officials and members of the community as well as events they witness themselves.

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