World News

World news is the term used in the news media to describe international or global news. This can include either hard news or soft features on a particular country, region or world issue. It also includes coverage of wars and other armed conflicts that may be world wide in scope (although war reporting usually falls under national news for the media of belligerent nations themselves). A related but distinct subfield of journalism is called foreign reporting. Originally, it was when journalists were sent abroad to work for newspapers but now covers any journalist who reports on a world subject from a foreign location without having a permanent contract with a single news source. This category may be referred to as stringers or special envoys.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is in Lithuania to push his country toward the European Union and NATO. His trip comes after a warning from top NATO generals that the conflict in the east is getting worse.

Comedian Stephen Fry is fronting a campaign by animal rights group PETA to persuade Britain’s King’s Guard to drop their instantly recognizable fur hats. The move follows a scandal over steroid use by the elite units of the military that has rocked the sport.

As winter storms pummel the United States with blizzards and tornadoes, Walter Reed officials say Defense Secretary Jim Austin underwent a procedure to treat prostate cancer. In other news, the White House says it is considering conducting strikes against Houthi targets in Yemen and Secretary of State Antony Blinken campaigns to prevent the conflict in Gaza from escalating.