World News

world news

World news also referred to as international or foreign coverage is the news that comes from outside the country. It can be about a specific country, or it could be about a world subject. For this reason, there are many different ways to get world news. One way is to subscribe to international news channels on your computer. However, you may want to check out local news as well, as this is more relevant to your interests. The internet also provides excellent world news coverage.

There are many different kinds of media available for global information. NPR is one of the leading broadcasters of world news, with sections devoted to international art and culture, world business and the global economy. There are also reports on global trends in science, technology and health. You can learn about these trends on NPR. This way, you will be aware of developments on the world stage. For example, you will know if the new car Henry Ford made is going to be a success.

Newspapers were widely available in the nineteenth century. New telecommunications networks also made it easier to spread news from different countries. As a result, the first news agencies were established. Some of these news agencies are Reuters, AP, and the French agency AFP. Among the sub-fields of world news, war journalism is perhaps the most well-known. Other forms of news include government proclamations and special envoys.