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World News

As the name suggests, world news is news about a global event or issue that affects all or most of the world’s population. The field was pioneered by the telegraph in the late 18th century, but didn’t really hit the mainstream until after World War II and the rise of the news agency.

A bafflingly complex and multifaceted topic, world news is the subject of many books, articles, wikis and websites dedicated to it. It can be broken down into three major segments: local, national and international.

Local newspapers usually cover a specific city or region, while national publications are broader in scope, covering the whole country or even the globe.

National publications are often the first port of call for readers looking for a more comprehensive report on world events. They will usually provide more information on notable international incidents and gizmos such as atomic energy and satellites.

In the modern age, the media has evolved to include more and better coverage of the rest of the world. This includes satellite radio and the internet, as well as foreign newspapers and magazines that are printed in languages other than English.

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