World News Background Animations

World News

The BBC’s World Service has been around since 1932, set up to report from around the world. It provides in-depth analysis and information with audio, video and forums. Its flagship programme is a daily evening newscast with original reporting. Other features include sports programming, science shows and news coverage in more than 27 languages.

World news Background Animations

The world map background is a great way to present the latest events in your news show. It can be used as a backdrop for television broadcasts, social media videos and more. The background also works well for website and app videos. It’s perfect for introducing your program or news report with its computer generated gradient solids.

Tech news opener – Spinning globe hologram – Loopable Motion Graphics

A world technology news opener, which you can use as a part of your presentations for big data, blockchain, virtual reality, digital, web and networks. This is a loopable clip, so you can easily edit it.

News Channel / Broadcast – Spining Globe Sphere on Red

This is an interesting loopable clip for news shows and other productions that need a spinning globe sphere in the background. The clip can be used for tv, broadcast, social media, website, app and presentation videos. The spinning globe hologram in this animation is very attractive and modern. It will fit any news program and theme.