World News Day

World News

World news is the field of journalism that deals with reporting from abroad or about global matters. This can be in the form of foreign correspondents who work full-time for a news organization or special envoys who are sent to cover international events. It can also include information gathered by reporters using communication technologies such as telephone, satellite TV or the Internet.

There are several different sub-fields within the field of world news. Some are more common than others, such as war reporting or the reporting of international summits.

Most world news stories are based on reports from overseas correspondents or news agencies. These news organizations prepare hard news stories, feature articles and other media materials that are distributed to newspapers, magazines, radio stations and television channels worldwide. Some companies, individuals and governments subscribe to these services.

For World News Day, hundreds of news organizations will take the time to highlight their efforts to tell the truth, and share their stories about how fact-based reporting has made a difference in their communities. Visit the World News Day website for more information on this year’s theme, The Power of Fact-Based Journalism. And, be sure to check out the stories page for more great world news from around the globe.