World News Day

World News

World news is the information about the world around us. News from other countries is also called international news. This type of news can be about a specific country, or it could be about a global issue. Journalists cover this type of news by reporting on events that occur abroad. They gather information through distance communication technologies and send them back to their home countries. Among the most popular subfields of world news is war journalism. The term “world news” is also used to describe the work of special envoys who are sent abroad to report on a particular subject.

This day is an opportunity for journalists to showcase their work and show their support for the profession. The day is a worldwide celebration of journalism and promotes fact-based reporting. World News Day is organized annually and involves over 500 news organizations. The organizers of World News Day are the World Editors Forum, the World Journalism Foundation and the Canadian Journalism Foundation. World News Day acknowledges past principal sponsors Google News Initiative and GlobalNews. It also acknowledges global news organizations such as Cision and Global News.