World News Day

The term “World News” covers the variety of news coverage relating to issues around the world. Many journalists refer to this field as international news, but they do not consider themselves experts on the subject. While there is a general definition of “World News”, this genre often overlaps with “national” news. In the United States, “national” news generally refers to news pertaining to the country itself, such as wars and other national institutions. It can also refer to the events occurring in other countries, including the summit of a multilateral organization.

World News Day is an annual event that highlights the value of news. In 2016, it focused on climate journalism and included reports from more than 500 news organizations. In 2021, the theme was “Responsible climate journalism.” In the future, the day will focus on other issues, including the importance of fact-based journalism and the power of the media. Organizers of World News Day are sponsored by the World Editors Forum and the Canadian Journalism Foundation.