World News Day

world news

World news, also known as international news or foreign coverage, is news that is sourced from other countries or on global subjects. This type of coverage may involve local or regional stories, but it is not limited to those. It is the most widely-distributed type of news and can include any topic that affects the entire world.

Originally, world news was not considered a specialty of journalists. However, the evolution of the telegraph changed this and made it easier to spread news around the world. As a result, news agencies were established to spread information from other nations. Among these news agencies are AP (US), Reuters (UK), and AFP (French). Some subsets of world news include war journalism and special envoys, who travel abroad to cover specific topics, such as natural disasters, wars, and political upheaval.

In many ways, World News Day is a global campaign aimed at promoting the power of fact-based journalism and the value of reporting. Organizers of the campaign, the Canadian Journalism Foundation, and WAN-IFRA, expect 500 news organisations worldwide to participate in the campaign. By showcasing the power of fact-based journalism, the world hopes to inspire a new generation of newsmakers.