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In the United States, the field of world news is not usually a specialization for journalists. It is a general category of news covering events around the world. It is important to differentiate between “national” news and “world” or international news, because in the US, national coverage covers national government and institutions, wars, and summits of multilateral organizations. As such, journalists in this area are expected to have a broad knowledge of global issues and be familiar with the newest developments.

The World News Digest is an authoritative source of news from around the world. Its dynamic interface enables you to search for news on specific dates. It can also be a good starting point for any reference project. For over 80 years, World Editors Forum has been a reliable source for context and background on key issues in the news. It has hundreds of news sources that rely on it to report on global events. It has been a trusted resource for the world’s media.

The World Editors Forum, which organizes World News Day, calls for more support for journalists and readers. The campaign aims to improve access to credible news sources. It has united over 500 news organizations from around the world and is celebrating its second anniversary in 2019. In addition, World Editors Forum has thanked its sponsors, including principal sponsor Google, Lippo Group, and Global Information. The campaign was also made possible by funding from the Lippo Group.