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World News is a name used in journalism to refer to stories involving a global subject or issue. This is distinct from the more narrow “national news,” which focuses on stories that pertain to one particular country. In many cases, the distinction between world and national news is blurry.

A World News article typically comes from a journalist who has traveled to a foreign city or nation and filed reports to the newspaper’s news desk. The reporter often gathers the information for these stories from local officials, community leaders and members of the public as well as events he or she witnesses firsthand.

The final edition of the British tabloid newspaper News of the World published on 10 July 2011, was marked by the headline “Thank You & Goodbye” superimposed on a collage of past front pages. It included a 48-page pullout documenting its history. Its last editorial praised its journalists, saying, “In the best of traditions we are going to the pub.”

During the phone hacking scandal that rocked News International (the parent company that owned News of the World), senior figures at the newspaper were arrested and faced possible jail sentences. The scandal began when police alleged that the News of the World had hacked into phones of families of service personnel killed in action and of celebrities such as pop star Britney Spears.

In the era of modern media, it is difficult for reporters to take the time necessary to consider context and history when putting together a story. This is especially true in tabloids, where the focus is on getting a story in as short a space as possible.

For this reason, a source like World News can be invaluable to researchers seeking the background and context behind a particular event or topic. By presenting primary sources and introductory notes, this resource can help broaden the scope of research and deepen understanding of a given topic.


World News Digest’s unique and authoritative collection of historical documents provides the perfect context for learning about current and historic topics. The website’s dynamic interface allows users to navigate by thematic, chronological, geographical or biographical approaches. Its rich resources can also help students strengthen their critical-thinking skills through the process of document-based learning. By exploring the various sources available in the database, users can gain a deeper sense of understanding of both the events that occurred as well as how those events impacted the world at large. World News has been a trusted source for context for more than eight decades. It is a vital starting point for any reference project.