World News Digest

While world news is generally not viewed as a specialized field for journalists, this is a field that is increasingly important. For many journalists, the distinction between “national” and “world” news is blurred, with the latter encompassing information about the United States government and its institutions, and wars and summits of multilateral organizations that involve the US. Despite this difference, journalists and audiences alike are interested in world events, and they are keen to stay on top of them.

In the 17th century, courants (reports) were produced in Europe that reported on foreign events. These publications were targeted at bankers, merchants, and other nations, so they were not intended to be “world-wide” publications. The concept of a world newspaper has been around for a long time. But as technology has become more advanced, world news has become an important part of daily life. Even in the early days, newspapers, magazines, and online media have contributed to the development of world news.

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