World News in 2023

world news

World news is the reporting of events outside a country’s borders, although there may be some overlap between this area and national or domestic news. This category covers topics such as foreign policy, international finance, political conflict and global ecology. It can also include news about wars (although these are often considered to be domestic) and summits of multilateral organizations like the United Nations or European Union.

At the birth of modern journalism, most news was foreign, as recorded in courants of the 17th century in Europe, which focused on news from other markets, not other countries, since nation-states were still in their infancy. The first news agencies specialized in world news, providing bulk stories to print and broadcast media companies on a regular basis via wire services that sent articles by telegraph or other methods to multiple destinations.

In 2023, this field of reporting continued to dominate headlines: the COVID-19 pandemic reached record levels of death and disability; a Russian invasion of Ukraine drove many to flee their homes; armed conflicts and political crises flared up in several African countries; and multiple natural disasters struck around the globe. In addition, an Iranian human rights activist won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, and a US college student was freed after five months in Dubai prison.

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