World News in Journalism

World news is a general term used in journalism to describe any story that has a global theme. It may also refer to a specific country or an international event or conference. In some countries, the news media makes a distinction between world news and domestic or local news. This distinction is often made based on the fact that the former involves stories that touch upon national interests or involve a government, while the latter does not.

A glass globe paperweight resting on newspaper financial pages represents global business markets and global finance. The earth sphere implies fortune telling economic trends and forecasting stock market activity for investment success. This high resolution image is perfect for a wide variety of projects including business, technology, travel and global connections or data exchange.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy didn’t get the timetable he wanted for a potential invitation to NATO’s military alliance. Meanwhile, temperatures are expected to top 40C in Morocco – with the tourist hotspot of Marrakesh feeling particularly toasty. Plus, a Ukrainian warehouse sells battlefield decoys to help support frontline counteroffensive fighters.

A freelance journalist who covers world news typically travels to a foreign city, often the capital of the country he or she is covering. The journalist files articles to the news editor that are based on information sent from diplomats, members of the military and other sources in the area as well as on events that the reporter sees for himself or herself. The journalist will usually maintain a presence in the area in order to gain access to strategic sources and to learn as much as possible about the country or region in question.