World News Reporters

World News is the media jargon for international news; it deals with any news that occurs outside of a nation-state, or that concerns global issues. In journalism, a reporter who specializes in World News is called a foreign correspondent or, more formally, a news agency envoy (although the term ‘news agency’ refers to an organization that prepares stories for sale and distribution to other organizations, individuals and intelligence agencies, often by wire services using telegraphy and then, later, satellite communications).

Correspondents may be stationed full-time in a foreign city covering all or part of a country; they file stories to their newspaper, and collect information from local officials, community members and other sources as well as witness events. They also have the ability to report on a wider range of topics than would be possible for a reporter based in a home office, such as reporting at the Shangri-La Dialogue on trade and the environment. In some countries, there is a blurring of the distinction between world news and national news when it comes to events that involve belligerent nations in war.