World News – The Branch of Journalism That Focuses on Events Happening Outside of One’s Own Country

World news is the branch of journalism that focuses on events and news happening outside the borders of one’s own country. The term originated in the 19th century as innovations in telecommunications enabled newspapers to receive and disseminate information from abroad more easily. News organizations often maintain full-time staffs of correspondents who cover a particular region, a nation or sometimes an entire continent. These journalists are known as foreign correspondents or special envoys (when sent abroad to cover a particular subject). The bulk of news from the major international news sources, such as Reuters, AFP and AP, is comprised of world news.

A powerful earthquake strikes Nepal, days after a temblor killed 157 people and left thousands homeless; families of Gaza hostages fear the world’s attention is fading as Israel continues to hammer the besieged territory; and more in our weekly roundup of global news.

The major news agencies—also referred to as wire services or news agencies—prepare hard news and features that they sell in bulk to other publications, such as newspapers, magazines and radio and television broadcasters. The original wire service networks were based on telegraphy, but today the information is distributed via the Internet. The wire services are also subscribed to by individuals, corporations and intelligence agencies. Almost all of the major news organizations own or operate their own wire services, although smaller ones often rent them out to other companies. Historically, the major news agencies were located in Europe or the United States, but they now have bureaus throughout the world.