World War I

world war

World War I was a global conflict in Europe and the Middle East. It involved all or most of the world’s major powers.

It was fought between German forces, led by the Central Powers, and Allied nations. A number of nations allied against Germany included Britain, France, Greece, Italy, and Japan. In addition, the United States, Australia, and Romania allied with the Allies against Germany.

The conflict began in 1914, when the heir to the Austria-Hungary throne, Franz Joseph I, was assassinated. The assassination set off a series of events that led to a full-scale war in Europe.

As the First World War continued, the Allies moved in to attack German colonies, believing that they would be able to win if they could conquer the colonies. These colonies were not prepared to defend themselves from an invasion, and some of the Allies diverted their limited military resources to deal with revolts at home.

The resulting armed risings and other forms of protest in Africa challenged the Allied colonial regimes. These regimes were unable to afford trouble in their backyards. Some of these revolts were violent, while others were less violent.

The influx of European troops on the front lines discouraged the emergence of a widespread revolt in Egypt. However, a revolt in Libya occurred.

Africans demanded greater participation in the new polities that had been formed in Europe. However, this demand was not satisfied. During the war, the Germans aimed to provoke disaffection among the African subjects of the Allies.