World War I

world war

World War I is a war that took place between all of the major nations in Europe. This war was very long and very destructive.

There were many reasons why the war happened. One reason was because there were a lot of tensions in the European countries. Another reason was because they were trying to make their country stronger and more powerful.

Imperialism was a way that the countries were trying to make themselves more powerful. This helped to create more tension between the different countries.

Also, there were a lot of secrets that the countries kept from each other. They would try to hide their alliances and tactics so that they could be more powerful.

Nationalism was also a big problem. This was because people decided who they were loyal to based on their ethnicity or cultural background instead of shared interests and ideals.

This made the war much worse. The world was in chaos and international commerce stopped. It was very dangerous and they didn’t know what to do.

The Germans sank the Lusitania and this made the United States very angry. The Americans thought that the Germans were trying to incite the Mexicans against them.

It was also the Germans who targeted civilians, which made the war much more worse. This is why they killed a lot of people in Belgium and France.

This is why the war was so long and very destructive. It was very bad for the people and it made it a very hard time for everyone in Europe.