World War II

world war

Often referred to as the “Great War,” this conflict is known for its scale, cost, and destruction. It was a global conflict, resulting in over nine to ten million military and civilian deaths.

The war started in Europe, where the British and French tried to halt the Germans’ advance. They also attacked the Ottoman Turks in Mesopotamia and Egypt. The Germans, meanwhile, pushed eastward and into Belgium.

The war continued on the Eastern Front, where the Russian Empire and its allies suffered. The Czarist Empire was broken. The Russian army suffered major losses, including much of its western frontier.

After the war, the Germans and their allies invaded Romania and Hungary. They also competed with the Turks in Ukraine. The German high command claimed that a revolution at home stabbed their army in the back.

Germany subsequently tried to attack the United States. In December 1941, the United States entered the conflict. Its entry signaled a change in the political balance of the war.

The United States lost many armed transports and smaller vessels to German submarines. The German submarines targeted the US shipping and drove away critical war materiel convoys.

The war lasted for three years. It resulted in 17-100 million deaths worldwide. It also shattered the European economy. It was considered one of the deadliest conflicts in history.

After the war, the United Nations was formed to prevent future conflicts. This organization grew into a rival superpower. In the end, the United States defeated Japan in 1945.